Saturday, April 4, 2015


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Web Competitor _ WD2 Redesign Website_ESCAPE

- The overall color mood suitable for this theme . 
- Given clear enough information from this website . 
- Font types was suitable at all . 

- The contact us pages, applied too much of text .
- Navigation bar too simple, can be better on it .
- Sub-navigation hard to recognize .
- For the linking to other page part , the icon can be bigger and not suppose to put it on the top . 
- The bottom part of background color was no consistent .  

- This website is interesting . 
- Cool mouse over effect was applied on map and homepage .  
- Clearly information was given on this website . 

- Navigation bar was too simple .
- The font types not so suitable for this kind of website, 
- Some of the layout can be better .  
- Too much of navigation , can be fix it in 1 or 2 categories for (Beaches, Nature, Hotel & Spa, Dine & Shop , Golf)

- The banner of homepage is clear and big enough .
- Have updated the website latest product and news in main page, easier for reader .  
- Have applied with grid system for the layout arrangement . 

- No navigation bar design, look too simple . 
- Some of the navigation link was error . 
- The background is too blank and waste the extra space . 
- The heading is not suitable, can be enhance on it . 
- No sitemap applied on this website .
- Too much of text on the bottom part of this website . 
- Font types is too simple, may add some different font types on it . 

- Nice color mood and suitable for this website theme . 
- Information was clear enough . 
- Different layout arrangement on every each pages , given a different feeling . 
- Not much of content was using , just focus on the information main point .  

- Advertising of this website was annoying when pop out from the homepage . 
- The banner from the homepage was too big . 
- Border of the table is out from the box when zoom in / out .
- From the what's new pages, some of the content no consistent . 

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Monday, January 7, 2013

WD2 Web Analysis - Week 1

- Font was suitable for this website, same with the color of font.
- Cool background image and was clear enough .
- Easy to know which 1 is heading which 1 is content with the color. 
- Its was using 3 of color mood only. Not much but turn the mood on.

- For the navigation part, it was too small to find it .
- Not much of layout was using, more of the image .
- No sitemap applied for user . 
- Overall give a feel like too much of blank space was wasted . 

- Nice combination color with 3 color on background.
- Most of the navigation information is using in 1 webpage . 
- The images of the top content, was applied with JQuery slide with every each images .  
- Was given clear enough information on this website .
- Simple and using grid method for the layout . 

- Footer a bit smaller. Hard to click it , especially for the facebook and twitter icon . 
- Some of the font is not suitable for this website . 
- No logo applied on this website .
- The navigation bar can be better , can be add on some icon . 
- Some of the information can't see clearly .

- Nice art style and matches with this website theme .
- Simple layout arrangement on this website .
- Easy to know which is heading and which is subheading .
- Was applied a texture on background , given a kind of different feeling . 
- Overall given a feeling like summer , suitable for this product website .  

- Too many font was applied .
- On representantes pages, too simple on content and layout .
- Should be applied some language chosen, in case reader don't know understand for the website .  
- On main pages, have some content paragraph was been highlighted .
- No footer applied on this website . 

- Nice color mood and matches with this website theme .
- Have roll over effect with changes color on navigation bars . 
- Nice combination background with texture and plain dark color .
- Have provide other website on this website . User friendly functionable .  
- Simple and easily to read for the layout arrangement .

- Font not so suitable, can be better on it . 
- Not so much of clearly information .
- On the right column, the information was ran out a bit when zoom out . 
- Some of the images was too big , can be smaller .
- Sometimes when reading for the content paragraph , will get confusing cause too a lot of text . 

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beautiful Web Week 7

For the background, just a blank background was using on second page, fully width picture on main page . Make reader feel like simple and clean on the background. 

For the font, just lack of font using on this website, and have apply hierarchy on navigation bar. 

For the image, a lot of images was used, and it was clear and big enough for reader to view it . 

For the layout, a bit messy on gallery part, but it was special compare with other website. For the navigation bar, it was keep repeating on left side whenever we scroll down.

For the background, only apply with 1 background color that is grey toning color. And make a focus point on main table. 

For the font, the color for the font is matching with the background. So , the different for the font is not so much on this website. Just using same typeface with different family.

For the image, special arrangement on main page, have a effect when mouse over on main page images.

For the layout, clean arrangement with using grid system on this website. Easily for reader to reading the whole pages content.

For the background, was apply different background on this website. Kindly different compare with other website. And given reader a different feeling on this web. 

For the font, apply different color with different content on top table. Other than that is nothing much special. Just make more clearer on header with bold type. 

For the image, special effect slide with mouse on top table images. And it was given a cleared information for reader to view the images at first attention.

For the layout, the timeline content and event content was apply with grid system to have a  clean arrangement on this webpage. 

For the background, no have any background color . Just using a clip and animation to represented background. It was different compare with other website. 

For the font, was apply a handwriting font on navigation bar with pop out some short animistic . And when click on navigation bar, its will pop the navigation that we clicked with pop out a big font size header. Quite special with it. 

For the layout, quite special arrangement on this website, and this website is more focus on the clip. So. Its no much of content and layout was applied, For the navigation, its was used a bubble to represent their navigation button.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beautiful Website Week 6

For the background, a futuristic background with texture. Make reader a kind of feeling like enter a future dimension. 
For the text, less of text was using. Cause it was storyboard website to produce their product. Just a gradient treatment font for their title. 
For the images, a lot of illustration images used, because this website is storyboard represented website. 
For the layout, no grid system was used. Fully images and some word only applied on this website . 

For the background, different background with some color and texture was applied on this website. a kind of different feeling for reader.
For the text, clear enough for reader to view it. because the size of font on whole website is big enough, easily for any reader to look on it .
For the images, a fully width images was using . For the bottom part of main page, the images was apply overlay with background, because this website is more focus on read. 
For the layout, just for the gallery following the grid system. Other than that is fully width, but overall look great on arrangement.

For the background, a black and white color with toning was used. Some of background was applying texture on it. Make a contrast and clean feeling for reader at 1st attention. 
For the text, great font system on it. Because its really easy know where is header and where is body text. Easy for reader to read a information that they want look for it. 
For the images, some of images was applied with flash effect. When scroll down , its will have scroll down effect too. 
For the layout, a different arrangement with different background. But the way, its look very confuse at overall. Although confuse , but its was clean with arrangement. 

For the background, colorful theme applied on this website. Its will make reader have a colorful thinking with this website. For the navigation color is contrast enough for reader to know about content inside navigation. 
For the text, apply all font type on it, example bold, italic and regular . Bold on title and header, italic on subtitle and regular on body text. And leading for the font is clean enough to reader look for the text. 
For the images, it was look contrast and clear enough for reader to view it . And some of the images part was applied flash effect. Such as the ipad part images was applied slider. And for the speaker part was applied pop out effect. 
For the layout, it doesn't have much of column on it. So we easy to read all content on this website. 

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gantt Chart For Design Method 2

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